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We offer a variety of marketing services dedicated to Sports and Athletes to increase their visibility, fan base & loyalty, brand sustainability, and merchandising sales revenue.

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Within the Sport culture, Proimpact sought out athletic talents distributed around the globe. The agency currently Sponsors 5 athletes within different sports, from boxing champions such as the Libyan star Malik Zinad and the Italian phenomena Fabio Turchi, to the 8 years old Ecuadorian chess warrior Manuela Hidalgo, Professional Ecuadorian Climber Chevy Crespo, Professional crossfit athlete Raif Wafa, and Tripoli Stars a Libyan Rugby team. All these athletes were elected within areas that in today’s society perhaps overlooked.

In addition to this, Proimpacts aim was to revive what is considered talent and profession within the Arab society and culture. A rejuvenation of ideology in terms of what can be deemed as a profession by encouraging individuals like that of Malik Zinad, to not only progress to be a professional elite boxer but also branding his image to set an example to the rest of society- which ultimately causes a multiplier effect to encourage young and future talent. An impact on surrounding society itself. This in progression has allowed further new sport developments and introductions within the country of Libya via the Tripoli stars rugby team. The aim simple: to encourage, enlighten and plant the seed of the sport within the Libyan youth so through times influence this sport will grow to be highly recognised.

We are proud to be the official media partner of  a Rally Club, MAC Racing – We Rally for a casue. MAC Racing is committed to ensure that Rally makes a significant contribution to Road Safety, by increasing awareness, and providing the right driving modes. The boys between 16 and 24 continue to be the main protagonists in the statistics of road accidents and victims. This segment is known to be a difficult audience to reach with campaigns for road security and safe driving.

Our marketing services dedicated to Sports and Athletes :

  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Branding & Re-branding
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Green Marketing (Eco-friendly)
  • Hyper Marketing & PR Campaigns
  • Strategic Alliance & Partnership Consultancy
  • Guerrilla Marketing

Our digital marketing services dedicated to Sports and Athletes :

  • Website Creation, Transformation and Optimization
  • Monitor Social Media Presence
  • Visual Creative Promotional Solutions (photography and filming)
  • Geo-targeted Ads & Social Media Campaigns
  • Database & Newsletter Implementation

We offer creative personalized visual promotions (videos and photography), made by our talented photographer and film maker.

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