Marketing and Branding

Proimpact Marketing Consultancy is located within Florence Italy, Dubai UAE, Tripoli Libya and Quito Ecuador. We are globally specialized in providing strategies and Business solutions towards small-medium entities, entrepreneurs and talents to grow economically with a sustainable approach that orbits around each individual unique business.

We offer myriads of marketing services, including these three specifically so that you may develop long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with your clients and expand your business exponentially.  Through the combined efforts of our digital marketing team, graphics department, and videography and photography teams, we will be able to help you with all of your marketing needs. 

Our teams will develop a unique, professional, and aesthetically pleasing logo that will communicate who you are to your target consumers.  We will simplify the brand building process and ensure that your company’s vision and values align with your brand identity so as to present a clear and positive image to the market.  Proimpact will also design your website in a professional and informative manner so as to enhance your digital presence to increase your influence online. 

Our remarkably talented teams have successfully implemented our expertise in over 40 projects in the last 3 years alone.  Our company extends over numerous diverse sectors including IT and e-commerce, art and culture, education, sport, and hospitality. To begin achieving exceptionalism, expanding your business, and rising above your competition, contact us today at 

The marketing planning process:

Stage 1: Analyze the current external and internal situation.

Stage 2: Research and analyze markets and customers.

Stage 3: Determine segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Stage 4: Set marketing plan objectives and direction.

Stage 5: Plan marketing strategies, programs and support.

Stage 6: Plan to measure progress and performance.

Stage 7: Implement, control and evaluate the plan.

Benefits of marketing planning:

Marketing planning keeps you focused on your customers, helps you determine what your organization can do (and what it can’t do) for customers, helps you examine offering in the context of competition and the marketing environment, and set up the rationale for allocating resources to achieve marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

Marketing and Branding
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Marketing and Branding
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Proimpact Marketing Consultancy (,
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We assist and support you to develop strong sustainable marketing logic, department and attitude. Our teams of strategist will develop high marginal strategies, and plans that fits your business, mentality, vision and budget. Our creative teams include talented designers that will join together from different parts the globe, to bring to you long lasting brand logo and brand identity that will give you the additional strength and value to grow as a business and as a leader.