Classic / Mohamed Ogbi, Talents, Work Hard / June 21, 2018

Invitation for Talents, Entrepreneurs and Dreamers

We are your new best friends in the world of business!

There is no one out there who understands your life better than you do! Yet, you turn to a dear friend when a challenge comes knocking on your door. Why? Because they have your best interests at heart, they speak from experience, and they bring a fresh perspective.

Who Are We?

We are powered by a group of experienced and battle-hardened professionals, who work as one unit to solve your business problems for you. Each person in our small team is a master of one skill set and they collaborate to create brilliant business solutions for you. We make one formidable team that can take on any challenge, no matter its size or complexity. We are present in Italy, Ecuador, Libya and the UAE, but our reach is spread across the globe.

When we started out, we observed how the rigid hierarchical system in organizations kills talent, creativity, and innovation. So, when we work with businesses, we strive to create agile systems that are not only transparent, but also support collaborations and are accepting of out-of-the-box thinking.

Think of us like a brand boot camp. We push organizations to evolve into a fertile ground for new ideas, creativity, and leadership. We assist them in working efficiently at full capacity and in minimizing waste. We help them overcome their weaknesses and make their strengths a force to be reckoned with.

We make you shine!

What Makes Us Different?

We are not your everyday consultancy simply because we don’t function like one. We are not talking pie charts, models, and PowerPoint presentations. You will be working with people – a closely knit group at that. Just like a family. These people know your market and your industry. They are young and talented. Most important of all, they are able to churn out effective action plans that will help your business scale new heights.

We also understand that a startup or a small business does not always have the resources to consult a professional. But, their success can mean the upliftment of entire local communities. So, we, at Proimpact, make it a point to keep our services at their affordable best, so that every business can be at their productive best.

We recognize our responsibility not only in how we conduct our business, but also in the way we create the brands we do. Pick out any of the brands behind which we’ve put our weight and you will witness the ethics of social responsibility and sustainability built into their very fabric.

What Are The Services We Offer?

We offer a whole range of integrated marketing services to our clients to assist them in:

  • Targeting the right demographic

  • Creating unforgettable brands

  • Improving customer experience

  • Reinforcing digital marketing efforts

  • Employing Advanced Data Analytics

  • Crafting CSR strategies

Our specialized services include blue ocean strategy development, startup & SME consulting, and visual and digital marketing management. We also specialize in Arabic Market Segment Management (MENA). So, if you are trying to set up a brand in that market, you won’t find a better partner.

Our Happy Clients

Whether it is helping an established brand figure out their next big step or advising a new entrant to break the glass ceiling. We have done it all.

We worked with the well-respected Aria Art Gallery to create a virtual online gallery, which then allowed it to connect with other galleries in Dubai and increase its visibility. We are working with the boxing champion Malik Zinad to solidify his brand in the game. We have advised local Italian artists like Eva DiFranco to leverage digital solutions to expand her business. We have worked with the global luxury hotel chain – Starhotels, the European educational hub, European School of Economics, the well-known MAC Racing, and many more organizations of international repute.

Our portfolio speaks louder than us.

How Can We Help You?

No matter where you are in the business cycle, we will bring a fresh perspective, better value to your business, and propel you into pre-eminence and distinction.

We take pleasure in doing things our way and we are not just succeeding, we are making heads turn.

We create powerful brands. And yours can be the next!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an athlete or a high-flying executive, we can help you create, build and sustain your brand. You definitely want that for your business.

So, let’s have a word.