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Crisis Communication – Proimpact’s fight against COVID-19 #CoronaVirus 2020

Proimpact is honoured to be serving the Libyan nation within our latest pursuit and new digital national campaign with the World Health Organization and the Libyan National Centre for Disease and Control. This comes at a time when a higher aid of raising awareness for the COVID-19 pandemic within the region is very much needed. It is within times like these that people often require guidance and direction of how to tackle adverse and challenging situations. Therefore, for that very reason, we saw it necessary to put all our energies into contributing to the knowledge and safety measures required by the people of Libya.

Together We Rise 


We have gathered collectively as a team, with resources and assigned responsibilities to ensure that practical solutions are made with the most up to date information input that can be accessed digitally. Responsibilities of Proimpact’s contribution to this social awareness appeal, include the provision of visual and graphic support to ensure that the region of Libya can access the resources with up to date Arabic language practical solutions. Proimpact work hand in hand with the bodies of the National Centre for Disease and Control and the World Health Organization (WHO), to ensure the campaign includes the most validated information and actions necessary, that can be taken at hand by all who have access to the outputs of the campaign. In addition to this, we are managing all social media strategies and pages of the campaign to allow for it to receive the fullest and utmost attention that it deserves within such difficult times. We believe that in pressing times such as these, a fast action response allows for the management and awareness of a situation to be received more quickly and efficiently.

Proimpact are proud and greatly honoured to be serving the nation of Libya in times of hardship and uncertain futures. We will be providing this campaign with our uppermost invested energy and powers, to ensure that the digital outputs we create will be of a great momentum and positive impact to the local and regional communities of Libya. It is vital that we stand and face the situation together with courage and responsibility. Within crisis, brings community and the strength to combat anything and everything.



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