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Examination of the marketing activities of ‘Four Seasons Hotel’ Firenze, Italy.

The Four Season’s experience

The service environment:

The group always make the availability of their services in the best location in every destination to be in the middle of the action (The heart of the city), steps from the best locations of high standard services such as (luxury restaurants, boutiques, and iconic destinations).

The customer service:

The four seasons always make their services as customized as possible for maximum enjoyment, the customer services of the hotel is excellent, they will work with every customer to understand what they want, and to deliver a high-contact service.

The environment of the four seasons is something extraordinary, is located in the luxuries Palazzo Tornabuoni that covers a total space of 29.785CQ, with an amazing garden that has a gorgeous decor made by exotic flowers & art sculptures to create a calm peaceful environment to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The huge glorious palace is all painted with different shades of cream/Ivory colors to state and communicate certain feeling and emotions such as (Quite, pleasantness, calm, elegancy, purity, and softness). The Ivory colors is considered richer and warmer than pure white, all of these characteristics that match the personality of the Hotel.

The atmosphere of the hotel gives the vibes and the energy of the renaissance style, the art presence is quite loud to express the style and the standards that hotel wants their customers to appreciate and value. The mix between modernity and history is fascinating; every meeting room has a mix between high-tech connectivity with stunning artistry.

The interior of the palace is spectacular, the grand floor ceilings is breath taking thanks to all the paintings and frescos that cover almost all the roof, which gives an amazing environment and atmosphere. The natural lighting of the entrance affects the view and perspectives of the customers/visitors in an amazing way.

Four seasons Firenze delivers a full luxuries experience by making different outstanding services to be reachable and available for their clients such as ( Spa and area relax, gym, small boutiques of luxury fashion brands with very unique products, are located in the interior of the palace). To put the cherry on the cake the hotel located on the ground floor of the palace, IL Palagio a high-standard restaurant, awarded one Michelin star, to satisfy all the unique preferences of the target market of the hotel.

Color analysis:

The mix of the colors of the interior of the palace is very interesting; the 4 season’s group used a set of (Hue, value, and chorma) colors to send different messages, vibes and energies. The colours that can be easily noticed and detected are (Dark cosy green, elegant brown, with cold & Ivory sophistication) these colours have a powerful effect and a strong impact on customers/visitors feelings; they all produce an incredible emotional warmth. This mix of warm and cool colors is associated not only with happiness and arousal but also is used to decrease anxiety. Cool colors such as green reduce arousal levels and can bring out emotions such as peacefulness, calmness, love, and happiness.

The warm colors are been used by the 4 seasons to encourage fast-decisions making. They are suited for low-involvement decisions or impulse purchase.  The cool colors in the other hand are used and situated in areas that need high-involvement purchases.

The music has a low presence but where the bar is located the music volume start to increase, the set and the style of music is a classical genre, to match the personality of the hotel and clients.


Spatial layout & functionality:

The floor plan of 4 seasons is spectacularly functional. The ground floor is very spacious, the set of furnisher  is a mixed between modern & ancient pieces, that are perfectly located in a cozy warm way, under the natural light thanks to the architecture of the palace. The functionality is very rich, which affect positively the efficiency of the 4 seasons.

The hotel delivers a high-contact customer service, As soon as the customer enters the palace the experience start with the first contact made by the personal assistance (guide). This approach has a great impact and role in directing the experience of the customer, which determines the value propositions.

Signs, symbols & artifacts: 

These elements play an important role in the clarity of the environment. Clarity has a powerful impact on the customer service experience. The 4 season’s designed the signs, symbols & artifacts using sculptures and art pieces and different furnisher, moreover how the reception is located in and size of it, they all used to express the sophistication and the grandeur of the special nature of the service and the quality of the service experience.

Customer experiences & behavior

Four seasons delivers a high-contact service. The environment of the hotel affects the customer’s perception and service experience in three important ways:

  • As a message-creating medium: the luxuries elements in the hotel environment such as art pieces, the mixed of colors, and the furnisher  all express the sophistication of the special nature of the service and the quality of the service experience.  
  • As an attention- creating medium: The servicescape of the hotel standout from its competitors. To design the servicescape is a complicated task because the environment has to incorporate physical complexity and social interaction. 4 season succeeds to attract the target segments.
  • As an affect-creating medium : All the colors, texture, sounds, scent & spatial design of the 4 seasons are all expressing warmth, peacefulness, classy, rich. All of these vibes help positively to shape the customer experience.



4 seasons hotel Firenze, is a well-managed firm that put in a lot of effort into making sure that the environment signals quality and communicate the desired image and positioning. Everything in the hotel environment expresses the high quality service, starts from the High-contact customer service, to the incredible art works and the sophisticated taste of interior design.

4 seasons hotel Firenze uses the servicescape, to help to shape the desired feelings and reaction in customers and employees to increase the value proposition. The environment of the hotel brings out the sophisticated part of the customers. The hotel uses the environment to impose the certain messages of the hotel and to attract the target market segments, that value and appreciate this outstanding hospitality service.

4 seasons hotel Firenze servicescape, is designed to bring out the maximum productivity in the environment, and more importantly to make the service encounter easier for customers to increase the customer service & productivity, due to the High contact customer service of the hotel that will escort the customer to the desired demand.

Examination of the marketing activities of ‘Four Seasons Hotel' Firenze, Italy.
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