Classic / 2 May, 2019

10 Business Tools To Increase Productivity And Save Money

Every year companies big and small set out to find the best new Business tools to increase productivity in the workplace. Multiple tools are released almost daily with the evolving technological landscape and some are easier to find than others.

Regardless of the highlighted reel in major mags, there are some who can’t do without apps and tools for the new age work-stead. Some are growing by leaps and bounds because they actually work, regardless of the name behind them.

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Classic / 8 January, 2017

The Role of Marketing Planning – Proimpact Blog

Marketing planning is the structured process that leads to a coordinated set of marketing decisions and actions, for a specific organization and over a specific period, based on:

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Classic / 19 December, 2016

The Creative Brief – Proimpact Blog

There is no document that outlines the creative concept or idea development stage. The documents we have looked at-the marketing plan and creative brief-concentrate on marketing assessments and an overall communication profile.

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Classic / 9 November, 2016

The Targeting Process – Proimpact Blog

To plan for targeting, you must consider the market coverage approach you want to take, you can use one of four coverage approaches: undifferentiated marketing, differentiated marketing, concentrated marketing and individualized marketing.

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Classic / 27 October, 2016

Essentials steps for your Business expansion in the U.A.E – Proimpact Blog

PESTLE is effective for many reasons.  It has wider coverage of business, it helps understand the business environment, it encourages strategic thinking, and it helps in reducing the effect of future business threats.  It is a measurement tool of the macro environmental forces that can face an organization, it’s simple and efficient framework can be used to understand the impact of the external factors on the organization such as economic, political, environmental, social, and technological factors. (Arline, 2014).

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Classic / 19 October, 2016

The 7 Essential Stages of Marketing Planning Process – Proimpact Blog

The marketing plan documents decisions and actions undertaken as a result of the seven-stage marketing planning process.  Most organizations begin this process many months before a marketing plan is scheduled to take effect.

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Classic / 14 October, 2016

Positioning – A strong position is a direct result of a strong brand

Positioning is effective only is fully researched. You must know- not think you know -how the consumer thinks and feels about the product or service.

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