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10 Business Tools To Increase Productivity And Save Money

Every year companies big and small set out to find the best new Business tools to increase productivity in the workplace. Multiple tools are released almost daily with the evolving technological landscape and some are easier to find than others.

Regardless of the highlighted reel in major mags, there are some who can’t do without apps and tools for the new age work-stead. Some are growing by leaps and bounds because they actually work, regardless of the name behind them.

Here is a list of the top ten truly innovative business tools to increase productivity in the workplace this year. They may well become next year’s can’t live without staple in the office.


Nuvro: Team Collaboration Tool


This is a new team collaboration tool unlike the ones seen in 2017. This tool fulfills a particular gap by allowing the team to be managed as efficiently as tasks and documents. This is the first integrated team management tool which allows managers to view everything team members are working on, have worked on, will work on and can even measure their performance over time. Key features include a centralized team management dashboard and private individual performance reviews with other managers.


Time Doctor: Time Management Tool


This is a fantastic time tracking utility that helps the team get more done in a day. It gives detailed team member reports including time sheets, optional screen shots, website and application monitoring. This tool features the ability to keep team members on task by gently nudging them when they get distracted and spend time on unproductive websites and apps. This tool kicks productivity up a notch since it easily integrates with project management tools and syncs with popular management platforms.


eClincher: Social Marketing Tool


This is a robust social media marketing tool that offers features which streamline digital marketing tasks in social media. Users can manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard and perform automated marketing tasks with a few simple clicks. This management tool features the ability to recycle content for amplified exposure as well as create and run various social media accounts simultaneously. Users can also publish and schedule tweets, pins and posts to all accounts and track clicks on embedded hashtags.


Robly: Email Marketing


Robly is an email marketing tool with a drag and drop editor that easily integrates with Gmail and Outlook to add notes, tasks and sync to your calendar. Its proprietary automation with artificial intelligence boosts open rates by 50% or more by delivering to the subscriber’s inbox exactly when they are most likely to open it. It also resends those that aren’t opened the first time, removes non-responsive contacts and offers autoresponders. It makes designing and sending email campaigns easy.


Stayfocused: Block Distractions


This is a free browser extension that helps you or team members stay focused by blocking distracting websites when its time to work. Set it to block those pesky distractions from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or use it to limit time. For instance, only 30 minutes per day on Facebook. Of course, its easy to get around by using another browser, but it’s great for self-discipline and if team members only have one browser at work, then its right on point.


Evernote Scannable: Mobile Scanning App


Kiss your desktop app goodbye with Evernote Scannable. This mobile app works wonders on business cards and zips through stacks of papers turning them all into collated PDFs. Scannable auto-detects edges so you don’t have to snap pictures of each individual paper, and it produces fabulous images almost every time.

It automatically connects to Evernote for easy saving, but you can store files in other locations too. It helps clean off the desk without losing a thing and its free.


Polaris Office: Productivity Tool


This is a productivity tool which makes work easier for people who jump between devices frequently. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android so almost everyone can use it. This app lets you get to your files no matter what storage device you use.

It also allows you to do relatively complex editing on a mobile platform without eating up tons of space. Collaboration features make it valuable in team settings while it supports Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and others. Streamline Appointments


This application allows you to effortlessly set up meeting polls. If you have multiple meetings that need to be scheduled, you can use Doodle instead of wasting half a day on a string of emails finding out the best time for everyone. Its free to use, easy to respond to and people don’t even have to join to add their response. It streamlines scheduling in a big way and offers a paid feature with appointment reminders and no ads.


Momentum: Task Keeper


Staying on task is probably the biggest productivity challenge out there today with websites, apps and social media alerts buzzing every time we breathe. Momentum is a bare-bones app designed to help build and strengthen good habits by forming streaks of good deeds.

When you stay on task and for everything you do correct, you get another chain in the link. It is simple but strangely gratifying and habit forming. People absolutely delight in forming those long chains.


Toggl: Time Keeper


Toggl is an insanely simple way of tracking billable time so there is never a need for keeping track of time sheets out in the field. With this app, you can log time from a browser, a computer or a smartphone so you can be confident that you will never lose another minute of billable time. You can organize your time by project or by tag and mark it as billable; it’s that simple.


From timekeepers to site blockers and everything in between, this is the list of business Tools must-haves. Whether these applications and extensions sound familiar or foreign, they have garnered attention from around the world for their high-quality results.

They may not always have a big brand name to back them up, but they have proven to boost productivity for businesses big and small, in the office and in the field. These are the Business tools for all facets of business efficiency. If you want to get more done in 2018, these are the tools you can’t do without.

10 Business Tools To Increase Productivity And Save Money
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10 Business Tools To Increase Productivity And Save Money
Find the best tools to increase productivity in the workplace. Here is a list of the top ten innovative business tools to increase productivity this year.
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