Classic / 18 May, 2018

Influence on legislative policies: NGOs, Think Tanks & Lobbying

This article we will compare lobbying Between The European Union and the United States in terms of Culture, Law, Political Structure and the interpretation of the Court. (Video source: euronews)

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Classic / 20 July, 2017

Strategies and strategic dilemmas – MacDonald’s case study

The following study will analyse the structure and operation of McDonald’s Corp. at an international level and attempt to evaluate its strategies in order to highlight the areas in which the company is successful and those in which it faces significant challenges, in the view of identifying at least one possible communication initiative that could help overcome present and near-future challenges.

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Classic / 27 April, 2017

Social Responsibility in Business

Proimpact works with its clients to be not only successful within their own fields of business, but also maintain social responsibility as citizens of the communities they belong to. Proimpact believes that by showing clients how to be more involved in philanthropic pursuits it will allow their businesses and brands to become a part of a larger collectivist community and push society ahead.

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Classic / 23 February, 2017

The Italian Market Environment

The Market Environment  Analysing PESTEL for Monitoring the Business in Italy.PESTEL stand for political economic social technological Environmental and Legal factors.

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Classic / 25 January, 2017

Internal Audit: The Starting Point For Planning – Proimpact Blog

Plans and decisions made at the top levels of the organization provide guidance for planning in each business unit and in the marketing  function. To prepare for a thorough internal analysis, part of Stage 1 of the marketing planning process, you first need understand the interaction among the plans at all three levels.

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Classic / 8 January, 2017

The Role of Marketing Planning – Proimpact Blog

Marketing planning is the structured process that leads to a coordinated set of marketing decisions and actions, for a specific organization and over a specific period, based on:

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Classic / 19 December, 2016

The Creative Brief – Proimpact Blog

There is no document that outlines the creative concept or idea development stage. The documents we have looked at-the marketing plan and creative brief-concentrate on marketing assessments and an overall communication profile.

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