Classic, Columns / 9 April, 2015

E-Commerce and the Arab Business Culture

Six reasons why e-business revenues in the Arab business environment are negligible in compare to B2B and B2C revenues in North America, Western Europe and japan

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Classic, Columns / 5 April, 2015

mcdonald’s new product development

Innovative ideas for marketing strategies play a significant role in developing any development-oriented business

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Classic / 3 April, 2015

Tips for improving your Mission Statement

mission statement should tell the people why you or the company exist and what you want other to see or to achieve through you.

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Classic / 2 April, 2015

Africa in the face of Globalisation

Their attitude and behaviour of seeking to trivialising, to any marginalisation of the African continent.

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Classic / 19 March, 2015

What affects the Euro

While economic theories affect the exchange rate on a long-term basis, the effect of political events and changes in economic data is more immediate.

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